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#1 Source for B2B Medical Education Products

Body Scientific's "Anatomical Store" is the #1 source for custom medical education products and services. Body Scientific designs, creates, manufactures and delivers medical education products directly to businesses (ie. pharmaceutical and medical device, institutes and healthcare companies ) and preferred suppliers (ie. dealers and distributors) throughout the world.

Remember you can order an existing product, customize it or ask us to create something new. 

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Illustrations  |  Animation  |  Anatomical Models  |  AR & VR  |  Charts  |  Brochures  |  Training Aids  |  Simulation



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Body Scientific is the brain behind all the medical designs. Their medical illustrators and designers are highly trained and experienced to create and supply the highest quality medical/anatomical educational products & services.

Over the past 16 years Body Scientific has created educational products that have been used by most of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. Body Scientific helps businesses promoted their brands through the use of educational products. We help simplify medical information for optimal communication to healthcare professionals and patients. 

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